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About Ustest

About Us

Neevaflight is a leading online travel booking brand providing range of choice for booking flights for travelers. Through online air ticket bookings, you can compare prices of various airlines to get your flight tickets at lowest rates. You can surely explore the prices of various airlines on and can get the best deals which is affordable and pocket friendly. The experience of booking your flight tickets on our site can be done easily with no hassles. We are neutral and free, which suggests that million inpiduals can get a chance to get the best flight, alternatives at reasonable prices. We promise, that you are getting best fight deal alongside value reserve funds.  


Our Vision

To fulfil customer’s evolving needs and demands. Our vision is to provide quality service to our existing and new clients and every travel related problems at the time of travelling will be taken by us.  


Our Mission

Our main focus is to provide most trusted user experience, be it in terms of quickest search and booking, payments, settlements or refund processes. Our mission is to empower travelers by helping them to reach the perfect flight booking deals to make their trip amazing and economical.

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