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Neevaflight is a travel search engine. We provide intermediate service to our clients to get the best deals and can book finest flights at an affordable price. We shall not be linked for any changes in price or change in schedule for any travel services. 


The travel services which are provided by us are available by third parties, directly or as an agent. Our efforts are to make your trip smooth without any hassle, but are not responsible for any type of inaccuracy from the agency. The charges may vary and also extra charges on different payments, service charge, check-in luggage fees, taxes and fees may apply. We request you to check the prices twice before booking in case of any fluctuations done by the airlines. Any relevancy at such occasions is strictly at the user’s own risk. 


We are making a contract between the client and the airlines, and additional T&C along with ours may apply on your booking with any of the airlines. We guide you to read the T&C of the airline which you opt before booking. You are good to go with us and we guarantee you about making your trip amazing if you choose neevaflight to provide you the service.

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